Coaching Session

Job interview role-play

Do you need to get ready for job interviews?

Are you just starting your career in UX/UI Design / Product Design or similar and have no idea how a job interview for these role(s) goes?

Do you feel you need to get realistic practice so that you feel confident when the real interview comes? Then this session is for you!

The session

Practice presenting a case study: In Design role interviews, presenting your work — whether it's your complete portfolio or a specific case study — usually takes 20/30 minutes and it is where your storytelling skills should shine.

Realistic interview questions: Get asked specific and realistic questions about your portfolio/case study, work process, and overall approach. By practicing answers to targeted questions, you will likely feel calm and assured when the real interview comes your way.

Actionable feedback: During our job interview role-play session, I will provide detailed feedback and recommendations on how you present yourself, your body language, storytelling, and overall communication.

Recording of the session: You will have access to the recording of our session, allowing you to review it later. After our session, I recommend practicing a few more times, considering all the feedback provided.



60 minutes

One-off session

Materials provided:
Recording of the session

Ideal for:
Recent bootcamp graduates, design students, career changers, early-career designers, freelancers, UX/UI designers

Refund policy:
This session is non-refundable.

Cancellation policy:
You may reschedule your session with a minimum 24-hour notice. Sessions canceled with less than 24 hours' notice will be forfeited.

Susana is an experienced Senior UX/UI Designer, a dedicated UX/UI Design Educator, and a Digital Fabrication Expert with over 16 years in the design field. Having contributed her skills to renowned brands such as Volkswagen, Pepsi, Philips, Toon, and letgo, she brings a wealth of experience from both agency and product company settings.

In recent years, Susana has transitioned to teaching and mentoring aspiring UX/UI Designers, where she is now fully committed. Leveraging her industry knowledge and expertise, she aims to bridge the gap that young designers face between completing a UX/UI Design course and securing a first professional job.

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Beatriz M.

Job interview role-play

★★★★★ 5 Very useful


"I was feeling insecure about an upcoming job interview. However, after doing a role-play exercise with Susana, I was able to identify things I could do to feel more confident during the interview. She provided clear steps on how I could improve, from my physical expressions to tips on presenting my case study."

Melissa M.

Job interview role-play

★★★★★ 5 Very useful

"The session was really useful not only to prepare my mindset for an interview, but also to think about the types of questions asked, how to respond and also how to present a case study of a high standard."


Is the session refundable?
No, this session is not refundable.

Will I get a receipt?
Yes, all the services I offer have a receipt of payment.

When can I have the session?
You can choose from the available time slots in the calendar once you click "BOOK A SESSION".

How is the session done?
The session is done remotely using Google Meets.