Hi! My name is Susana Passinhas,
and I am a Senior Visual and UX/UI Designer

My multidisciplinary skills and user centric mind set allows me to have a holistic view on problems and on how to approach them using critical thinking, logic and intuition. I work with the design thinking process using the latest methods and tools. I have great understanding and interest in human behaviour and emotional intelligence. I am committed, enthusiastic and decisive. I get energy from being inspired, inspire others, facilitating processes, achieving goals and delivering results.

Toon display @Quby

Thinking features, implementing principles, alignement and joy in Toon

Aboriginal icon series for to[icon] @The Artificial

Explorations on mystical symbology

Philips Sonicare in The Sims Freeplay @The Artificial

Engaging users through gamification

Afiado icon series for to[icon] @The Artificial

An icon series inspired in pure abstraction

Philips uGrow @The Artificial

Exploring illustrations

Futura foldable

Exploring typography

Urban Magazine

Designing with analogue techniques

Piscina das Marés

Creating a generative identity

Endless Summer

Experimenting with video rythms and analogue filters


Exploring the dynamics between abstract motion graphics and music

Do you feel like taking a deep dive into my entire work? Go ahead!
Check my behance and my vimeo